the journey

The notorious Eric Kim was in town a couple weeks ago and invited me to speak at his workshop. I was completely apprehensive at the idea but after some rather unrelenting prodding, i found myself curating images and trying to envision what i would even talk about. 

"Just be yourself and talk about your journey in photography", he said.  Why anyone would even give a rat's ass about my journey in photography was beyond me. But EK had already announced it to his students so there was no backing out now. 

Culling my library was naturally nostalgic. I wanted to highlight my shift from "postcard" landscape photos to SP and portraiture as well as the desire to rid myself of the "one trick pony" moniker for nudes in hot springs. The presentation was about 40 minutes and i showed 50 images spanning the last 6 years.

Whether or not there was any benefit to the audience, i was able to learn quite a bit from this experience. I had never talked about my personal work to strangers before and just being able to articulate your feelings on the spot is definitely a worthwhile skill to have.