This excerpt from Haruki Murakami’s book “Norwegian Wood” was brought to my attention once:


which roughly translates to “Drifting on a boat on a lovely day, the beautiful sky and beautiful lake are the same. “

This is the protagonist’s metaphor for the feeling of justification/torment of loving two people at the same time.

Can we really truly love only one “soulmate”? What is true love anyways? Does it even exist? The rampant divorces and cheating in our society will attest to the contrary. Even scientific research shows that chemicals released by the brain when people "fall in love" recede after 1-3 years.

Undeniably love comes in various states and attitudes and consequently affection can be felt for multiple people, albeit a different state as it is for food and music, etc. Perhaps it's the Disney-fed rose-colored glasses Hollywood bullshit that we are inundated with, combined with the torrents of weddings this year (that's what happens when you approach your mid-30s) that i find my faith in true love caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak.

Statistics, science, and personal experience will point otherwise but since when has that stopped anyone in believing in the intangible you know to be true. It may not exist after all, but for better or worse, faith is the one thing that makes us human.