Those afflicted with OCD would understand that i have a bizarre obsession with the screen covers on my iPhone. If the cutouts aren't aligned perfectly or there is some obnoxious dust caught underneath in clear view, a jittery uneasiness consumes my body. So when during an intoxicated night out in Shimokita where i dropped my phone AND ran over it with my bicycle, an opportunity to replace the screen cover arose.

Fitting the cutouts perfectly over the home button and camera, while time consuming, is not terribly difficult. The dust that inevitably gets caught between is bearable unless it so happens to be right in the middle of the screen. After some research online, i discovered that some people found success in circumventing this dusty predicament by installing the screen in the bathroom with the shower running.

Admittedly i peruse forums all the time for useless information and am skeptical of 90% of them yet i found myself trying them out anyways. To my pleasant surprise, it actually works. Small pleasures like these are what keeps me hopeful in life.